Animate your research and share it on social media


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Animate your research and share it on social media

A short, animated video is a great way to attract attention to your research on social media or on a webpage. This course will teach you how to create a short whiteboard animation or “explainer video” that effectively communicates the essence of your research, or some key messages from a project or a paper. With an explainer video you can quickly educate a broader audience about a specific topic or make some complex science easier to understand and engage with. In this course we use VideoScribe, an easy to use software, that does most of the animation for you, so that you can concentrate on your message.

Who is this course for?
You are a researcher with something important to say, also to someone outside your specific scientific field. Or you are a teacher who wants to produce explanatory and engaging content for your students. No experience with animation or video production is needed to take this class. All you need is the time and motivation to work with your own animation project between the webinar sessions and the willingness to share constructive criticism with other course participants. 

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your key messages and craft them into a clear and convincing story by using effective storytelling strategies
  • Write a script and draw a storyboard
  • Animate your story in Videoscribe using text, visual metaphores and simple graphics
  • Make voiceover, music and animation come together in a final product
  • Export your video so that it’s ready to share on social media. 

Course overview
The course consists of two live webinar sessions, to give you all the information you need to get started making your own whiteboard animation style video about your work. We are using the software Videoscribe which is easy learn and has a lot of graphic content, so even with limited graphic skills you can still make a visually interesting video  

But the secret to any great animation video is a clear and well written script. Therefore, we spend the entire first webinar session on storytelling: How to identify and prioritize your content and turn it into an appealing story? Between the first and second webinar session you will write your own script. With your script ready we will spend the second session going through the animating process in Videoscribe. You will learn all the techniques, tips and tricks needed to make your story come alive in Videoscribe. Finally, you get a chance to receive a written constructive feedback on your video draft from the course instructor.

After completing this course, you will have a finished explainer video ready to post on social media and/or your webpage. 

Practical info:

The course is online and consists of two Live Webinars

Program Videoscribe will be made available for the course and must be installed before the first webinar (further information will follow after registration)

Language: English (Dette kursus på dansk)


About the course instructor: 

Iben Julie Schmidt is the owner of the communications company Scientifica, specializing in Science communication. Iben is an expert on strategic research communication and storytelling. She was for many years head of communications at DTU Systems Biology, and now with Scientifica she has helped hundreds of researchers from all the Danish universities getting their research out through various media and platforms. 


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