Working cross-culturally at Aalborg University


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This workshop is about cross-cultural collaboration and the benefits of diversity and inclusion. The participants gain practical understanding on how to work and act ‘culturally intelligent’ when collaborating across cultures.

CQ (cultural intelligence) is key in establishing positive and effective work relationships. While basic social skills and respect for other cultures is important, CQ is especially useful for engaging innovative thinking and handling conflicts.

Target group

All Aalborg University’s staff (VIP and TAP), guest researchers and Ph.D. students.

Practical information:

  • You can choose one of two formats: Workshop(in-person / health safety guidelines apply) or webinar (online) 
  • The workshop is held in English
  • The workshop is offered by Aalborg University´s International Staff Unit (ISU) and facilitated by a trainer certified by the Living Institute (

Registration & cancelation terms

If you are unable to join the course for which you registered, please contact us as soon as possible.

ISU reserves the right to cancel/post-pone the workshop/webinar if; the minimum number of participants’ (8) is not reached and/or if health and safety guidelines impose.


Catarina Bettencourt, / (+45) 20 87 27 01


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Catarina Bettencourt
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09:00 to 11:30Online
15/11/2020 09:00
15/11/2020 09:00
9 out of 20
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