Basic course with focus on PBL (English)



Course objectives

The aim of this 2 day-course is to introduce the participants to the PBL, AAU-model by exposing them to a direct experience of PBL and the option of active investigation and evaluation of their own PBL-related practice in the intermediate period between the two workshop days.

The objective is to provide the participants with the insight and the skills necessary to conduct effective PBL project facilitation at AAU.

Course content and organization

The course content is centered on the 5 major elements of PBL, AAU-model as well as Assessment:

  • The PROBLEM - including introduction to the underpinning learning theory, i.e. the rationale for PBL (student-centred learning in groups, learn to learn, critical, higher order knowledge).
  • The PROJECT work organization - including project and time management.
  • The GROUP work form - including learning in teams and group dynamics, roles and rules, peer evaluation.
  • The FACILITATOR - including facilitation types, styles and roles; situational facilitation; pitfalls and responsibilities.
  • The COURSES and other types resources - including how can we teach in a more PBL- oriented way: from teacher-centeredness to student-centeredness.
  • PROJECT ASSESSMENT, individual and group-based assessment - including taxonomies, the exam situation and questioning technique and facilitating group interactions.

The course is based on the criterion that the methods employed should support the aims of the course, i.e. in a problem-based fashion. This implies composing problem-based scenarios as the framework for dealing with the PBL themes exposed above - from a participants’ perspective. Thus, the form will integrate general conceptual orientation to the field of PBL with expounding discussions and hands-on exercises for the participants to experience the salient features of PBL already within the span of the course. The course will be accompanied by a set of recommended readings to be consulted before and during the course.

The course comprises 2 ECTS – a diploma will be issued.


In Aalborg: Associate Professors Lone Krogh and Annie Aarup Jensen

In Copenhagen: Vibeke Harms Andersen


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