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AAURA network event on social media, 22 October 2019

Using social media (SoMe) to increase your visibility , promote your research and enhance your impact is highly important in an increasingly digitalised world. Therefore, SoMe is the focal point of the AAURA network event in Aalborg on 22 October, 2019 

Sign up for this event to get: 

  • Useful tips on how to get started from AAU Communication┬┤s digital expert Martin Bylund Larsen.
  • Inspiration from AAU Talent Shellie Boudreau and senior researcher Michael Rathleff from the Department of Health Science and Technology who will share their experiences with using Twitter and other social media to promote their research and reach people outside AAU. 
  • Useful techniques to get your message across from SEA's pitching expert Lasse Jensen.


After the talks, you will have the oppertunity to network with your colleagues over a snack and a glass of wine. 

Participation is free but please remember to sign up! 


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