Basic course in higher education pedagogy (English)



The course deals with important aspects of teaching and supervision such as planning, structuring, organizing and communicating.

During the course we will answer the following questions:

  • How can we structure our lectures and supervision?
  • How can we organize students’ learning processes according to goals?
  • Which models can help us in our planning?
  • Which techniques can support communication in discussions and dialogues?

The participants will be introduced to basic concepts of learning and pedagogical ideas, and during the course we will relate to the participants’ daily life of teaching and supervision.

Target Group

The course is aimed at junior or part-time teachers who want to analyse and discuss modern ways of teaching and learning, i.e. teaching assistants, PhD students, external lecturers and amanuenses.

However, the course is open to all university teachers who would like to brush up pedagogical concepts and tools.

The course language is English.


We will try to challenge basic assumptions about traditional teaching by focusing on the students’ learning processes in relation to didactic concepts.

Planning teaching will be centred on the relations between didactic concepts such as: setting up goals, analysing the students’ backgrounds and institutional environments, content and method, learning processes and evaluation.

Having finished the didactic analysis we are ready to explore different teaching methods such as project work, case work and different kinds of group work.

The next step is different ways of structuring lessons and supervision. Various models will be available. Finally we will make different role performances to practise communicative techniques.

The course comprises 2 ECTS - a diploma will be issued.

Course instructor:

In Aalborg: Majken Kjer Johansen

In Copenhagen: Anette Lykke Hindhede



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