Basic course on writing a research application (English)


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In 2019, a 66% discount on the participation fee applies for early career academics eligible under the AAURA programme. For more information, please contact AAU Competence Development or go to the AAURA-website:


AAU Research Academy - AAURA

This course is a 3 1/2 hour workshop aimed at early career academics who have recently obtained their PhD and who have limited experience in applying for external funding.


The objective of the course is to provide a good starting point to the participant for making a good application for external funding including elaborating the correct budget.


After the course, the participants will have the knowledge on making a good project description, elaborating a budget, and building a strong CV.  

During the course, the participants will also receive ideas on how to match their project idea to the correct funding source.


Project Description

  • Summary (abstract)
  • Introduction and objective
  • Background/state of the art
  • Methodology
  • Time plan / Implementation
  • Dissemination
  • Ethical aspects
  • References


  • Categories
  • Financing and co - finansing
  • Budget drafting

Profile / CV

  • CV elements and how to build the CV
  • Publication list

Funding source:

  • Finding the right fund


AAU Competence Development in collaboration with AAU Funding & Project Management.


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09:00 to 12:30Aalborg Campus
29/10/2019 23:59
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